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Find your flow with Suz! Learn Tai Chi, along with the secret tips that make it easy, and the actual self defense moves hidden in this beautiful martial art. When implemented correctly, Tai Chi can transform your life!

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In this Tai Chi for Beginners course Suz makes it easy to learn the basic moves of the 1800 year old Yang Style Long Form, including the specific postures, transitions, breathing techniques, and hidden self defense moves! She'll also share some of the most transformational principles in her signature down to earth, upbeat style with humor, clarity and stories of her own experiences.

So stop putting your wellbeing on the back burner, find out how easy it is to create more balance in your life!

Even if you've never tried any kind of martial art before, or you've always felt like "a klutz', or you just never got the hang of meditating, Tai Chi is totally doable... when Suz shows you how!


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Learn how to release stress anywhere, anytime


Transform your health, relationships and business

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Here is a sneak peak at the first 4 lessons...

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Release tension head to toe with gentle breath work & Chi Kung. Learn your first two Tai Chi moves, and then have fun learning a hidden self defense technique - you'd never see it coming! 

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More simple moving meditation and breath work, and learn another Tai Chi move... improve your balance, find your flow!

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Relax and review, then learn my fav move so far - Grasp the Bird's Tail! It looks like a lovely, slow motion dance, but there's a reason for every subtle movement!

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Cultivate more harmony, focus and flow with the secrets of Grasp the Bird's Tail revealed... relax, recharge and rebalance!

Stress Less & Balance Better with Tai Chi

Do you feel a little off balance? Are you stiff and tense from sitting at home? Stressed out because of these uncertain times? Relax your body, quiet your mind and smooth out your energy with the ancient secrets of the masters. T’ai Chi is a 1800 year old martial art famous for it’s beautiful flow and health benefits, including improved balance, increased range of motion, breathing technique and stress reduction. Learn how to live smarter, not harder. Now more than ever the wisdom and movements of this moving meditation is what we need to succeed with ease.

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So which will you choose? Struggle or center? Burn out or balance? Worry or wisdom? Chaos or calm? The choice is yours!

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Tai Chi with Suz is the highlight of my week. I continually gain balance, flexibility and a positive flow of energy and calmness. I especially enjoy the Qi Gong breathing exercises which now daily increase wellbeing both mind and body. Discovering the hidden self defense moves in Tai Chi is also much fun and very confidence building.

~Dennis M

Suzanne is a gifted, empathetic fitness instructor whenever I finish one of her classes, I find myself in a more positive, refreshed,  healthier position and state of mind than when I started - she’s the best!

~Jeanne T

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