Tai Chi for Beginners Membership!

Find your flow with Suz! Learn Tai Chi, along with the secret tips that make it easy, and the actual self defense moves hidden in this beautiful martial art. When implemented correctly, Tai Chi can transform your life!


Tai Chi Beginners' Membership with Suz

Relax, recharge and re-balance with Tai Chi, an 1800-year-old Chinese martial art and moving meditation system. Release stress, improve balance, and find a new sense of tranquility anywhere, anytime. The self defense moves are empowering and fun to learn, too! No equipment needed...
Join Suz to create harmony of body and mind with Tai Chi today!

Hello! I'm Suz

As a Certified Nutrition Therapist, Fitness Instructor, and Speaker, I’m passionate about empowering people to create bodies and lives they love, so I’m glad you’re here! I make healthier choices easy and fun for individuals, families, communities and corporations in SWFL and across the US. Since every person is unique, we'll collaborate to develop and successfully implement an individualized plan that resonates with you...which is actually doable, even with a very busy schedule.

I do all of this with love, never judging, always supporting, providing accountability, and inspiring my clients to reach the goals they set.

I'd be honored to guide you on your own personal path to your best self.

What my Tai Chi students are saying

Tai Chi with Suz is the highlight of my week, and the new online format is great! I continually gain balance, flexibility and a positive flow of energy and calmness. I especially enjoy the Qi Jong breathing exercises which now daily increase wellbeing both mind and body. Discovering the hidden self defense moves in Tai Chi is also much fun and very confidence building. And with these videos  I can prepare, review and practice Tai Chi anytime, anywhere.

Dennis M


Dennis M


Suzanne has really upped her game and made a wonderful, interactive website for all levels. We actually add new moves faster as we have the videos to practice during the weeks so we're ready for the next move. Online is a great way to learn & practice.

Christine P


Christine P


I have been flowing with Suzanne in person for several years. Now, thanks to her excellent website, I can still flow with her although we are half a continent apart. Her website is easily accessible and easy to navigate. Suzanne's videos are excellent! I can follow the form form the front or the back and watch it as many times as I need to. As a bonus, I get to see my friends in the live online classes who are scattered across the country! I can strongly endorse Suzanne's online Tai Chi course and membership.

John H


John H


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