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About Tai Chi with Suz

Relax your body. Quiet your mind. Smooth out your energy.

T’ai Chi is a 1800 year old martial art famous for it’s beautiful flow and health benefits, including improved balance, increased range of motion, breathing technique and stress reduction.


If you’d like more balance in your life, join Suzanne Jeffreys, 
MS in Ed, Certified Nutrition Therapist, and Yang style T’ai Chi Instructor.

For over 27 years she’s been teaching people of all ages and fitness levels throughout North America. 

All are welcome, beginners through advanced, to experience this gentle martial art, 
also known as moving meditation. 

What have you got to lose except your stress?


"I have been playing Tai Chi with Suzanne for two years. In that time I believe I have made great progress and had lots of fun, thanks, in part, to Suzanne’s instruction. In taking both group lessons and private lessons, I have been impressed with her quality of instruction. She is highly disciplined in every setting; thus, I feel I always receive good value for my dollar. Not only is she disciplined in her instruction, but, also, she has a delightful personality which makes every session enjoyable. I can highly recommend Suzanne for both beginning and advanced instruction. "

John Hicks

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