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Ancient Secrets & Moving Meditations to Manage Stress & Create Balance...

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Does this sound like you?

You feel overwhelmed and stressed? Finding it difficult to focus, sleep or get off the couch?

You crave more balance in your life? Do you always wish there were more hours in the day, feel exhausted, with a to-do list that never gets done?

You want to feel happier, healthier and more relaxed? With more energy, deeper sleep, increased confidence, better mood, improved focus?

If you can relate...then my

Stress Less Tai Chi 5 Day Challenge is for you. 

Relax, recharge and rebalance in just 5 -10 minutes a day! Together we will learn a few simple Tai Chi moves (slow, gentle flowing movements) to relax your body, quiet your mind and smooth out your energy.  No matter what's going on in the world!

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What's Inside the Challenge? 

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Each day you'll get two videos - one "Tai Chi Chat" where Suz shares the focus of the day, followed by a "Tai Chi Flow" with gentle, meditative movements (aka Chi Kung) to follow along with.

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You will have access to our private Facebook community where Suz will go live daily! Share your experiences with Suz & the other challenge participants. 

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We will wrap up the 5 days with a special live Q & A in the Facebook group to celebrate finishing the challenge and answer any of your questions 

A Day-By-Day Look Ahead:

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Discover your center of gravity, balance and power. Then follow along with Suz as she demonstrates simple Chi Kung movements with Tai Chi breathing to release stress and find your flow.

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Learn what Chi is, why it is precious, and how to protect your energy. Then follow along with Suz as she pairs new flowing Chi Kung movements & breathing, letting go of negative energy and filling up with energy from the sky and the Earth.

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Find out how easy it is to find balance by relaxing in the proper posture, working smarter, not harder. Then follow along with Suz as she adds a new Chi Kung movement to the moving meditation flow, surrounding yourself with the positive energy you've gathered from the sky and the Earth.

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Learn what yin yang means, and how this simple shift in perspective can help you create more harmonious relationships, even with yourself. Then follow along with Suz as she continues the Chi Kung moving meditations, expanding to the Earth and the sky.

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Discover how these ancient secrets apply to life, especially in today's world. How to respond, rather than react. Then follow along with Suz as she takes the moving meditations to a whole new level, creating balance while moving forward in all areas of life.

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Who is Suz?

30 years ago Tai Chi changed my life! As an overwhelmed divorced mom of two, full time teacher and small business owner who was struggling to pay the bills, I was a total stress mess. Then I accidentally stumbled into a Tai Chi class, and in just a few minutes my stress melted away!

As I continued to learn Tai Chi, life seemed easier, I felt better, and laughed more. Even my kids noticed. And my new business took off!

What I learned then is that we all have stress, it’s just a part of life. But, when we learn how to manage it, everything changes: better health, happier families, more success. 30 years ago Tai Chi changed my life. And what I know to be true is that in these chaotic, uncertain times, we need Tai Chi more than ever, 

Over the last 27 years as a Tai Chi Instructor, it’s been my honor to pay it forward by teaching thousands of people around the world to stress less and succeed with ease. I am so grateful for that pivot in my life. For years I’ve been happily married in our dream home on the Gulf Coast in Florida, with 3 adult kids, 4 adult stepkids, and 7 grandkids! Quirky facts: besides Tai Chi I love Thai food, the beach, stand up paddle boarding, good wine, horses and rescue dogs. ;)

Teaching Tai Chi online allows me to serve people anywhere in the world, especially in these uncertain times. I’ll always remember the day I decided to take one small step. You can too, no matter what’s going on in the world. If you crave more balance in your life, please join me for this empowering 5 Day Challenge. Share with your friends, do it with your family, you’ll love creating a group flow together! Let me guide you on the journey from being stressed out and overwhelmed to a life of health, happiness and service. Here’s to your harmony of body & mind.


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