Hello! I'm Suz

and I’m so glad you’re here! As a Tai Chi Instructor, Certified Nutrition Therapist and Speaker, I teach driven people to stress less and eat healthier. After all, who doesn't want to look and feel great, work smarter, focus better, and have plenty of time & energy for family and fun? Over the last 25 years I've helped thousands of people, just like you, with my signature Harmony of Body & Mind Method. A unique combination of ancient Tai Chi principles, 30 years of teaching experience and my love of all things food and nutritional science, I teach simple strategies to stress less, balance better, and nourish your body and mind for success. Bye bye burn out, hello healthy! 

I do all of this with love, humor, and total transparency: never judging, always supporting, providing accountability and inspiring my clients to reach the goals they set.

I'd be honored to guide you on your own personal path to your best self. Contact me today!

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Free Tai Chi Checklist

Get the 10 ancient life hacks to stress less and succeed with ease.

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Tai Chi Instruction

Keynote Speaker, on location and online courses and memberships for people around the world who want to relax their bodies, quiet their minds and smooth out their energy anywhere, anytime

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Stress Management Specialist

Keynote speaker, individual, group and corporate training, consulting and coaching for those who want to create a healthier life/business balance

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Certified Nutrition Therapist services

Individual, family, group and corporate consulting, meal plans, and beyond organic nutritional products


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"I learned a lot about what my pit falls are in my eating habits!! Felt better, slept better, less foggy.. definitely want to keep at it.. biggest eye opener.. I do not eat nearly enough veggies!!! Trying to work on that."

~Kathy L.H.

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"I feel so much better, lost 10lbs and in 21 days (this has) had a significant positive effect on the mild form of Lupus I have."

~Bonnie M.S.

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"I lost 7 lbs and I've learned that I can live on less sugar... and not feel deprived. My energy and rest cycles have improved dramatically."

~Nancy A.

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"Suzanne is an amazing Instructor: I love how I feel after her Tai Chi classes-so relaxed, grounded and calm. My stress is totally gone! Re-energized, too, just amazing!"

~Sue Ann L.

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Who is Suz?

Stress Management Consultant | Tai Chi Instructor | Certified Nutrition Therapist | Keynote Speaker

Born in Virginia, Suz grew up mostly in NY, NJ and spent some time in Japan, too. She and her husband Bob now live in beautiful Florida, near the Gulf Coast. Suz has 3 kids, 4 stepkids, and 7 grandkids. She earned her BS in Political Science and MS in Education in NYC, and is a Fitness Professional, Certified Group Fitness and Personal Trainer and Nutrition Therapist. Founder of CEO Wellness and Tai Chi with Suz, she was also Co-Founder of Two as One Horsemanship, specializing in training horses and people to communicate effectively and bring out the best in each other with a combination of natural horsemanship and Tai Chi. As a Speaker she is often asked to speak about overcoming fear, stress management, leadership and creating a healthier life/business balance.

Suz believes that our two best tools are our bodies and our minds, and both need to be nourished well to succeed in our businesses, relationships and lives.

Quirky facts: Suz loves Thai food, good wine, stand up paddle boarding, horses, rescue dogs and beautiful beaches! 

Suz offers keynote speaking, health coaching, corporate consulting, live classes and online courses.